Member benefits from the club you love?

All the way down the line, your membership at MHS offers great deals, specials and discounts and the chance to participate in the life of your town.

Start with these awesome Platinum Member Benefits – and who knows where your Membership might take you?

  • 12.5% off Beverages
  • 7.5% off Food (Excludes Specials)
  • 15% off Show tickets
  • 1000 Bonus Points for your birthday
  • 20% Monthly Rewards Points bonus
  • Happy Hour Entitlements
  • Full use of the clubs facilities including Poker, Bowls Greens and Billiards Room.
  • Earn Club Mix Rewards Points for Members Events
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The beautiful thing about poker is that everybody thinks they can play.
Chris Moneymaker

Poker thrills. With its heady mix of calculation, foxing, blind luck and stakes of all shapes and sizes, the game is on at Maryborough Highlands Club.

Join in member Poker games and see who comes out on top – you might be surprised!


There are three kinds of bridge players: (1) those who can count, and (2) those who can’t.”
In Bridge it’s a fine line between victory and insanity – that’s why our tournaments are such fun. At MHS we’re all a bit crazy for Bridge and we ‘d love you to join the madness!

500 Club

One should always play fairly when one has the winning cards.
Oscar was wild about cards
There’s nothing like building your hand, and seeing your strategy pay off. Our 500 Club is welcoming and warm, but beneath the surface lurks a killer instinct! Don’t let the chit chat fool you!

Long week left you feeling a bit low?

Our Happy Hour will help you chase away the workweek blues.
Available to all Maryborough Highland Society members each Friday from 5.30pm to 7pm, Happy Hour priced drinks are available from the Member’s Bar and with meals ordered from Pipes Bistro.

Music & Dancing

Line Dancing

If every time you take one step forwards, you take two steps backwards, don’t be discouraged. You just learned how to line dance.
Walk the line with us we bring this upbeat dance to life each week.

Scottish Country Dancing

Every champion was once a contender who did not give up.”
The true measure of any highlander, Scottish Country Dancing at the Highland Society will bring out the competitive spirit in any dancer –Kilt or no Kilt!

Morning Melodies

Music is life. That’s why our hearts have beats.
If you have a voice you can sing and that’s exactly what Morning Melodies is all about! Join us for a group singing session on the third Monday of each month and give your vocal chords a workout whilst lifting your spirits to an array of upbeat tunes.

Social Groups


Life’s too short for chess
Fancy yourself as an athlete across the pool table? Come and join in on a game of snooker and you’ll soon learn it’s not all about vests and whiskey on the rocks.


Playing darts is not matter of life and death, it’s much more important than that
Whether playing to win or in it for fun, nothing beats a game of darts over a beer with friends. Who said rivalry was a bad thing?

Carpet Bowls

It’s not how you bowl, it’s how you roll!
Let the good times roll…down the carpet that is! No longer just the domain of those taking a slower approach to life, bowling at the Highland Society is a fun activity for all. How fast and seriously you play is up to you!